Olio Dante


The story begins in 1849 when Andrea Costa – the progenitor of the homonymous Genoese family – starts to sell olive oil and textiles from Sardinia to Liguria, later specialising in buying raw olive oil in Mediterranean countries. Giacomo Costa, Andrea’s son, has a very ambitious vision: bringing a little bit of Italy into kitchens around the world. That is what would lead him to found the “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea” trading company in 1910.

The first bottles of oil are sent to North America, Argentina and even Australia under the Dante brand as early as 1898. In the various trips they make to consolidate their sales network, the Costas realise the importance of connoting the product with an immediate link to Italy. This is why the name chosen for their oil is that of the renowned Italian poet Dante Alighieri, a classic symbol of Italianness.


One hundred years of oil-making tradition and authentic passion for the quality, to bring every day to your table the simple taste of a natural masterpiece.

  • 100% Italian Extra virgin olive oil
  • Unfiltered Extra virgin olive oil
  • “Classico” Olive oil

The art of blending

The expert mixing of olives from different regions and various cultivars, masterfully harmonising flavours, aromas and fragrances.


Olio Dante Golf Cup, postponed the final round at Tolcinasco Castle

The final competition of Olio Dante Golf Cup, initially scheduled on the 28th October at Tolcinasco Castle Golf Resort at the end of the tournament held as part of GareDiGolf Challenge, has been postponed to next spring. The decision was agreed by the organizing staff of Garedigolf.it and the main sponsor Olio Dante, considering the
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“Summertime with Olio Dante” on Cairo Editore Magazines

“Summertime with Olio Dante” on Cairo magazines: the advertising campaign of Olio Dante and its brands will start in August on the pages of 10 weekly magazines. The newspapers involved are periodicals dedicated to families, very popular, aimed at a majority female audience, with a high percentage of responsible of the purchases. The magazined engaged
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Olio Dante elected “Taste of the Year 2020”

Olio Dante has been elected ‘Taste of the Year 2020”, the award given in Italy to branded products, which is based exclusively on the evaluation of gustatory properties by a panel of consumers. The two products of the Supreme Poet brand – Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Terre Antiche” and Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Mediterraneo”
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