Dante ConDisano

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  • 1 L PET
  • 1 L glass

Dante Condisano is the condiment that combines taste and well-being: its composition is made up from a blend of vegetable oils and extra virgin olive oil (15%), flavored with Mediterranean herbs and enriched with Vitamin D.

  • Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil (15%), corn seed oil, Mediterranean herb flavouring (0,7%), vitamin D (0,0005%).
  • In the traditional and unique 1 liter Dante amphora bottle, both in 100% recyclable PET and glass. The PET bottle is equipped with the exclusive one touch cap/pourer, easy to open and with a drip-free spout.


Caratteristiche Organolettiche

Dante ConDisano is enriched with Vitamin D, which contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus. One spoon (15 ml) of Dante ConDisano contains 0.8 μg (15% NRV*) of Vitamin D (one bottle contains approximately 66 spoons of product).

* NRV, Nutrient Reference Values.
Vitamin D = 5 μg



It is the fresh and lively condiment that enriches every type of dish, thanks to the presence of the Mediterranean herb aroma.

Ideal both for use raw on salads, vegetables and fish dishes and for all uses in cooking, such as for the preparation of soups and sauces.