Olio Dante’s shareholders represent a unique mix of different but complementary skills, ranging from the managerial competences of the majority shareholder Attestor Capital (through the management company Oxy Capital) to the traditional olive oil experience of the Mataluni family and the institutional dimension of ISMEA ( Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market).

Board of Directors

  • Biagio MATALUNI (President)
  • Enrico LUCIANO (CEO)
  • Paolo PRANDI
  • Stefano ROMANENGO
  • Elvira SCHIOPPI (Vice President)
  • Alberto TRON ALVAREZ
  • Giorgio VENCESLAI
  • Stefano VISALLI
  • Marco ZANOBIO

Board of Statutory Advisors

  • Stefano BARBIERI (President)
  • Bruno CALZIA
  • Salvatore FERRI