Olio Dante elected “Taste of the Year 2020”

Olio Dante has been elected ‘Taste of the Year 2020”, the award given in Italy to branded products, which is based exclusively on the evaluation of gustatory properties by a panel of consumers. The two products of the Supreme Poet brand – Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Terre Antiche” and Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Mediterraneo” – have brilliantly passed the test and thus obtained the certification.

A group of 80 regular consumers in the category – made up of people aged between 17 and 79, of both sexes (44 women and 36 men) – tested the two extra virgin olive oils by gustatory examination, without any reference to the brand, under the supervision of the professionalism of a sensory analysis laboratory. The panel evaluated the products on the basis of various criteria, assigning a score from 1 to 10: taste, appearance, scent, consistency and general satisfaction.
Both oils achieved an average rating above 8.Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Terre Antiche”, produced from olives coming from the most important olive growing areas of the European Union, has a soft taste and a medium fruity. It is the right seasoning for dishes to be delicately flavored, allowing the original taste of the food to prevail. Thanks to its harmonic profile, it is ideal for everyday cooking, perfectly adapting to the most diverse uses, both raw and cooked.

Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Mediterraneo”, on the other hand, is obtained thanks to the masterly blending of the best oils coming from the Mediterranean basin. It is an extra virgin olive oil with a balanced and delicate flavor, suitable for those who prefer lighter tastes on the palate.
The two extra virgin olive oils guaranteed by the Italian brand Dante are available on the shelves of the main GDO chains, in the traditional amphora-shaped glass bottle, in the 1 L and the 750 ml formats.

The two awarded products will also be the protagonists of a print adv campaign and video recipes on the web.

The “Taste of the Year” award was born in France in 1995 and is currently present in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Tunisia, Morocco and Mexico. In Italy the award is promoted by the Global Quality Group.