Olio Dante Golf Cup, postponed the final round at Tolcinasco Castle

The final competition of Olio Dante Golf Cup, initially scheduled on the 28th October at Tolcinasco Castle Golf Resort at the end of the tournament held as part of GareDiGolf Challenge, has been postponed to next spring.

The decision was agreed by the organizing staff of Garedigolf.it and the main sponsor Olio Dante, considering the general situation caused by Covid, in order to guarantee the optimal running of the final event, which would have involved over 150 golfers, and ensure thus the best of the welcome to all participants.

The last dates (recovery races) of the competition – which is making a stop on the greens of the most important Italian golf clubs – will regularly take place and will end on the 21st November in two important Lombard clubs, Le Robine and Golf Club Bergamo L’Albenza.

We should wait till next spring for the 2020 final competition, which will be held in the prestigious and exclusive Tolcinasco Castle Golf Resort.

Meanwhile, the next season of Olio Dante Golf Cup is already in the works, and will start in March 2021.  

The historical Italian brand has appeared on the green for the first time this year, combining the values ​​of a noble food product and in particular of the Mediterranean Diet – extra virgin olive oil – with those of a sport with a great tradition.

Quality and dedication lead Olio Dante to the tables of millions of consumers in Italy and abroad since 1898 and still today its taste has been able to reward the commitment and the passion of the many sportsmen who have animated and will animate the races of Olio Dante Golf Cup.

Olio Dante S.p.A. is one of the major oil producer of edible oils on the international scene, producing the most important and historical Italian labels: Dante, Olita, Topazio, OiO, GiCo e Lupi.