The brand is going to sponsor the morning news and magazine of Canale 5 and TGcom24 for four weeks

Summer on air for Olio Dante coming back to TV with its new advertising spot on Mediaset networks, Canale 5 and TGcom 24. During four weeks – from 21st July to 31st August 2024 – the brand is going to sponsor the morning news and magazine, with an opening billboard.

The commercial, simulcast on Canale 5 and TGcom24, will be a daily appointment with a passage every quarter of an hour, from 6.00 to 8.00 in the morning, for a total of 46 weekly passages. Therefore, the total campaign will consist of 184 billboards for four weeks.

The decision to bind to utility and information programs of the Mediaset networks allows Dante brand the possibility of communicating its values ​​to a qualitatively and quantitatively important target.

The 10″ commercial is showing Dante range of olive and extra virgin oils but there will also be a focus on ConDisano, a condiment – guaranteed by the Supreme Poet’s brand – based on vegetable oils and extra virgin olive oil (15%), enriched with vitamin D and flavored with Mediterranean herbs: a convenient, versatile and ideal product for all tastes.

The Olio Dante commercial on air from 21 July on Canale 5 and TgCom 24

Today Olio Dante S.p.A. is one of the main producers of edible oils on the international scene, with the most important historical Italian labels in addition to Dante: Lupi, Olita, OiO, Topazio, GiCo.