Olio Dante launches on the market the Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata”

The back of can (750 ml) with the QR Code to be scanned

The Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata” represents the last born in Olio Dante company: this new item, guaranteed by the brand of the Great Poet, comes from a completely transparent supply chain, thanks to the product certification UNI EN ISO 22005:08 on the “Traceability in the agro-food chains”.
An olive oil, which has been clearly and rigorously traced at every stage of the production process, ensuring the transparency of the origin of the product through the determination of its entire history.
The certification of the traceability system, thanks to the standard ISO 22005:08, allows to keep track of every aspect of the activity of the operators involved in the production process.
Olio Dante S.p.A. – as Head of Sector– manages all stages, starting from the supply of raw material only from certified suppliers.
The certification is issued by DNV – GL.

This is an absolute innovation for the olive oil because a system of traceability in the category had never been devised. The exclusive blue can 750 ml – which reminds the traditional line of olive oils in glass branded Dante– allows to browse the certification of traceability of the agro-food chain, framing the QR Code on the package (also available at the link www.oliodante.com/certificazioni/olio_dante_filiera_certificata.pdf).

Dante Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata” is an extremely versatile product in everyday cooking, both as a seasoning and for cooking uses. It is ideal for those who prefer delicate flavors and for those who prefer not to cover the original taste of food.