Dante “Classico” Olive Oil

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  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 750 ml
  • 1 L

Dante “Classico” Olive Oil is a blend of refined olive oils to which excellent-quality extra virgin olive oil has been added. With a golden yellow colour and clear appearance, it pleasantly enhances the aroma of foods without covering it and pairs well with all Italian dishes.

Now Olio Dante products are also available in PET, in the traditional and unique 1 liter amphora bottle.


Caratteristiche Organolettiche

Dante Olive Oil is an extremely versatile product to use in cooking, and is particularly suitable for preparing dishes in which you wish to preserve the original flavours and aromas of the food.

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Suitable for all cooking uses, it is highly resistant to the high temperatures reached during cooking. As such, it is particularly suitable for use in making crispy fried foods. It is ideal when preparing homemade preserved foods and soft, delicate desserts.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


100% Italiano

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Terre Antiche

Il Mediterraneo

Olio Dante Frantoio di Contrada

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