Dante “Frantoio di Contrada” Raw Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olio Dante Frantoio di Contrada
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  • 750 ml

Dante “Frantoio di Contrada” was born out of the years of experience and mastery of Olio Dante’s expert blend masters, who carefully select and blend the finest oils from the most important mills in the European Union. Dante “Frantoio di Contrada” goes directly from the mill to your table, without undergoing any further processing or filtration

Nutritional values and characteristics

Caratteristiche Organolettiche

As it does not undergo the filtration process, its appearance is cloudy and opaque due to the presence of microscopic residues of the fruit suspended in it. It preserves all the fragrance and properties of the freshly-pressed olives, with all the vitamins and polyphenols – the natural antioxidants of the oil – that they contain.

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Excellent for drizzling over vegetables, bruschetta and fish dishes, as it lends flavour with its fruity notes and full-bodied structure.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


100% Italiano

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