Dante Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata”

Olio Dante Filiera Certificata
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filiera certificata
  • 750 ml

Dante Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata” is the result of a fully transparent supply chain, thanks to the UNI EN ISO 22005:08 product certification, which relates to supply chain’s traceability in the food industry. The final product is a premium olive oil, where every step of the production process is traced, from harvest to bottling, allowing customers to know the true origin of the product they are using.
Dante Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata” is a product made for customers that demand the highest quality from the products they purchase.

Check out the product certification related to the supply chain’s traceability, available also by scanning the QR code on every bottle.


Caratteristiche Organolettiche

Dante Olive Oil “Filiera Certificata” is a very versatile product, well suited to be used as dressing and great while cooking. It enhances ingredients’ flavor without overshadowing it and it is a perfect pairing with Mediterranean dishes.



It is an ideal product to maintain the original flavor of ingredients and it is well suited to be used as dressing and to cook both salted dishes and desserts, as well as making food preserves.
It is very resistant to high temperatures, making it a perfect choice to prepare crunchy fried dished or to make any dish that requires high levels of heat for a sustained period of time.

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