Arte del Blending

The expert mixing of olives from different regions and various cultivars, masterfully harmonising flavours, aromas and fragrances. This is what many define as “the art of blending”, an activity which our experts perform every day on the raw material to allow us to offer a product with a balanced and refined flavour.

It is not a case of simply mixing ingredients, nor is it an arithmetical operation: the final product is not merely the sum of its various parts, but something which manages to acquire a greater added value.

The starting point is a deep knowledge and careful selection of extra virgin olive oils, whose flavours and subtleties vary from year to year. The work of our blend masters – the result of a great deal of experience, professionalism, research and a taste for the finer things – then concentrates on how to obtain the perfect combination from a sensory and flavour point of view.

Are you capable of recognising a high-quality extra virgin olive oil just by tasting it according to the rules of the professional tasters?

Have a go yourself, following the instructions in our mini guide.