Olio Dante 100 Italiano

The new Olio Dante website is now on-line

The new site of Olio Dante is back on the web, in a completely updated and modern style. A journey into the world of edible oils that tells the story and the experience of the major Italian company brands: Dante, Lupi, Olita, Topazio and OiO.

As part of a project to restyle the brands and the corporate image, Olio Dante has started a cooperation with the communication agency Arcadia, creating the online platform that will be enriched from time to time with new contents and projects.

Besides the products description, you can find everything about the edible oil tradition, such as tips on how to recognize a good extra virgin through the technique of tasting, the answers to the main consumer concerns and many recipes.

Email us for any suggestions or concerns at info@oliodante.it