Topazio, the precious condiment in the kitchen

Created at the end of World War II as a bulk product by one of the historic Italian oil companies – Chiari&Forti of Silea (Treviso) – Topazio becomes the first seed oil packaged in Italy. In 1957, it goes on sale in tin containers of 1 litre and half a litre, and is met with immediate success: the company’s brilliant idea is to bottle it in small sizes, thereby imposing a radical change on the entirely Italian olive and seed oil market, as such oils were hitherto sold solely in bulk.

The distinctive topaz blue of the can with stylised golden drops is key to its definitive enshrinement in the kitchen, colouring the dinner tables of Italians who choose Topazio oil to flavour their fried foods, salads and Mediterranean specialities. In the 1960s, prompted by its huge commercial success, Topazio becomes the star of the legendary Carosello aired on Rai (the Italian national television), with the actresses Delia Scala and Franca Valeri.
After several transfers of ownership, the brand is finally purchased in 2007 by the Oleifici Mataluni Group along with the GiCo label and other minor brands. Now, more than sixty years after the creation of the brand,

The production is then transferred to Montesarchio (Benevento), where OiO products are still packaged by Olio Dante S.p.A.

Olio di Semi Topazio

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