Friggì palm oil-free frying oil

Topazio Friggì
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  • 1 L

Topazio Friggì is a blend of vegetable oils – with no palm oil – ideal for frying all kinds of foods, which guarantees stability in cooking and a delicate flavour thanks to the inclusion of sunflower and soybean oils. With Topazio Friggì, the aroma of fried food is pleasant thanks to the addition of coriander essential oil.

Characteristics and nutritional properties

Caratteristiche Organolettiche Semi

The Topazio Friggì frying oil blend is nutritionally balanced thanks to the presence of: soybean oil, high in alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3); sunflower oil, high in linoleic acid (Omega 6).

The blend is rounded off by coriander essential oil, from a herb with distinctive aromatic properties.

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It can be used to fry any kind of food (vegetables, potatoes, fish, chicken, schnitzels, desserts).



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