“Summertime with Olio Dante” on Cairo Editore Magazines

Summertime with Olio Dante” on Cairo magazines: the advertising campaign of Olio Dante and its brands will start in August on the pages of 10 weekly magazines.

The newspapers involved are periodicals dedicated to families, very popular, aimed at a majority female audience, with a high percentage of responsible of the purchases. The magazined engaged are: Di Più, Di Più TV, Di Più TV Cucina, Diva e Donna, Diva Cucina, Nuovo, Nuovo TV, Nuovo TV Cucina, Giallo, TV Mia.

Olio Dante and its brands will be present with two different visuals: one dedicated to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil and the other one to Dante Classic Olive Oil and the seed oil brands (Olita, Topazio, OiO).

In addition to the magazines specifically focused on the kitchen, the other ones involved in this project have a section completely dedicated to food with suggestions and recipes. The advertising campaign will finish at the end of September, with a total amount of 30 publications.

The summer campaign of Olio Dante will be developed on the magazines that spread every week 1.400.000 copies (source: ADS 2019). Cairo Editore covers one third of the Italian weekly magazines with the publication of 13 magazines.
The graphic on the adv pages of Olio Dante has been cured by Arcadia srl agency.

Up to date, Olio Dante S.p.A. is one of the major oil producer of edible oils on the international scene, producing the most important and historical Italian labels: Dante, Olita, Topazio, OiO, GiCo e Lupi.

The adv pages of Olio Dante on Cairo Editore Magazines