OiO Peanut Oil

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OiO Peanut Oil is extracted from the seeds of Arachis hypogaea (the peanut) and subjected to a refinement process. It has a very light yellow colour and clear appearance.


Caratteristiche Organolettiche Semi

One of the most highly-prized seed oils, OiO Peanut Oil is the closest to olive oil in terms of its chemical composition, which is characterised by a predominance of monounsaturated fatty acids and a lower percentage of polyunsaturated acids.

The content of vitamin E, which has an antioxidant action, is also similar to that of olive oil: a tablespoon (10g) of peanut oil contains around 1.9mg of vitamin E, equal to 16% of the recommended daily intake

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Its composition makes it suitable for a wide range of uses in cooking. Highly resistant to cooking processes, OiO Peanut Oil is particularly suitable for tasty and crisp fried foods.

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